What is a business identity?

A business identity is the clear and consistent overarching message of a company. If established correctly, a business identity will help everyone in a company  communicate a consistent message to customers and shareholders. 

Why The Business Identity Company Exists

I started The Business Identity Company because I want to see as many people as possible doing work that matters. When entrepreneurs are able to focus on what they love, they solve problems. The world is full of problems and I want to empower small business owners to take on the worlds toughest challenges.

I also want to equip business owners to pursue their passion without sacrificing their family in the process. When all the pieces are in order it is possible to make good money, working fewer hours, working with people you actually like. Through strategy, processes, and automation, I help small business owners succeed in business and in life. 

Who am I?

I am Joseph Lewin. I am married to the beautiful Megan Lewin. We have a biological daughter and two amazing kids we adopted out of foster care. We homeschool our kids and we love to travel. My family is the reason I started this business. I have created a life of freedom and I want to help you do the same. 

I got started in digital marketing while living in Kenya. My wife started an orphanage there and I helped get a successful marketing campaign off the ground. Since then we have travelled to some of the worlds premier hotels creating content for their social media. I ran a content creation agency before launching The Business Identity Company.

My dad is an entrepreneur and has been my inspiration for starting a business of my own. 

I look forward to serving you,

Your Small Business Growth Coach

Joseph Lewin

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