The Customer Profile Worksheet

Customer Profile Worksheet Explained

Customer Profile Worksheet
Let’s talk about the Customer Profile Worksheet. We are going to cover the essentials today. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to quickly and easily implement a basic Customer Profile.

So, first things first. Who are the people that you want the Customer Profile Worksheet to focus on? The answer is straightforward. The 10%-20% of your most awesome customers.

This group of people may not represent the biggest chunk of your revenue right now but the kind of people that you want to continue to work with. No, they are the ones that make you want to get up in the morning.

How To Fill Out The Customer Profile Worksheet

Make Every Marketing Message Feel Personal & Authentic.
At the top of the Customer profile worksheet, you will notice a place for a name and a picture. You want to make this personal!

Now, I'm not suggesting that you take a real customer and fill their information in your profile. Take a summary of those best customers and put a name and a face to this fictional character.

By filling out a profile in this way, you can write content or marketing materials that speak directly to your audience in an authentic, personal way. When you write, your customer will feel like you are speaking directly to them.

The motto is one quote or phrase that sums up the customer profile identity. It should sum up the overarching values that are important to your customer. Ultimately, you want the motto to be a rallying cry for your ideal customers.

Demographics represent the hard data. Think of age, gender, marital status, location, income level, business revenue, and so on.

Demographic information can be helpful for targeting purposes. However, it's not going to help build emotional connections with people.

That is where psychographics come into play.

Psychographic information includes attitudes, thoughts, beliefs, worldview, values and so on. These are the hidden cords that tie all of your best customers together. Psychographics help us navigate the groups and tribes that our customers associate care about.

What do you customers think about? What do they care about? Where are their values coming from?

The Customer Profile Bio
The Customer bio is a fictional backstory. Take bits and pieces from your best customers stories. How did they get where they are now?

Make sure you create a backstory that helps you to connect with your customers on a more personal level. This will come into play when you create marketing copy and marketing materials.

When you keep the customer's story in mind, you can create a more personalized experience.

The Customer Desire
What does your customer desire? What is important to them?

Don't only think about the obvious desires (desire for your product or the solution you provide). Rather, think a little bit deeper.

What are the emotional desires that people have? What are some of the underlying reasons why they want a solution? Common deeper desires are freedom, time savings, alignment of values.

Pain points and problems
The pain points or problems are the issues that keep your customer from getting what they desire.

There are obvious pain points. But there are also hidden pain points. Dig until you find the deeper issues that are holding your customers back.

Pain points are where the money is. Solving a pain point is usually more powerful and getting someone what they desire.

If you get someone what they want, solve the deeper pain points, and help them become more like the person they want to be, you can make excellent money.

Motivations and values are deeper than desires. They go to the very core and identity of your customer. What guides the overarching life decisions your customer makes?

The principles your customers live by and the things that drive them help you understand your customer. These are the driving behind the scenes backbone for your customer's decision making.

Sometimes you have to dig deep to find true motivations and values. Some examples are family life, the desire for freedom/flexibility, love of the hustle. It can be someones religious beliefs, political affiliations, money, pride, status, and so on.

Insights are anything that will inform your marketing materials that didn't fit anywhere in the Customer Profile but is important, or a piece of relevant information you want to be easily accessible when you go to create content.

Use this space to build your emotional connection with your Customer Profile. Having empathy towards your Customer Profile will help you understand your customer better and in so doing write more authentic and relevant content.

There are two ways to approach the language section. You can use one or the other. But, if you are feeling adventurous, use both.

One is to take things that your customers say and directly quote them or slightly modify their words for use in your materials. A lot of times your customer language will speak to other people who are like them.

Another way to approach the language section is to refine your wording based on the information gathered from the Customer Profile. Choose the main wording and emphasis you want to share with your customer over and over again.

Put the top phrases you want to represent your brand in this section.

Using The Customer Profile Worksheet
Here is how you use the Customer Profile Worksheet. Every time you are working on marketing materials, take the customer profile worksheet, set it next to your computer.

Look at that picture. Write your emails, landing page, or brochure directly to that fictional person. Speak to the desires, pain point, and motivations of the customer.

Use the rhetoric of your company to transform the lives of your customer with every interaction.

This provides consistency. Every time a customer interacts with your company is a chance for your marketing to create a remarkable experience for them.

The more you speak to the topics outlined in the Customer Profile, the better your will resonate with, and ultimately get paid by, your customers.

A Framework Not a Rule Book
The Customer Profile Worksheet is a framework. It isn't a rule book. It is a living document that should be evolving and changing as your customer base of evolves and as your company of evolves and changes.

As you learn more about who your customers are, you are going to find that some elements you thought were important at the beginning are not that important.

Keep refining the Customer Profile. Make better and better.

Now you have a basic overview of the Customer Profile Worksheet. Now comes the most important part. Download the worksheet right now and go fill it out!

Always reference the Customer Profile when creating marketing materials.

You will find you're overall interactions and relationships with customers deepen as you bring consistency across your marketing and communication.

Reach Out!
If you have any questions or you want to dive deeper into this topic, feel free to email me or schedule a call. I am always happy to talk about understanding customers better.


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