October 5

Find an underserved market.

Now that you know what makes a customer ideal for you look for an area where that group of people is being forgotten about. Is there a different industry with similar people that none of your competition is focusing on? A certain size company? A particular location?

If you go after the same people your competition is and you offer a similar service, the fight for each customer is brutal. On the other hand, if you go after an underserved market and solve their problem then winning customers is a lot easier.

You can change your offering to solve the unique needs of the market you are going after. They will love you for it. When your offering signals to that group that you took the time to think about them when everyone else passed them by, they will keep coming back to you.

Take the time to find an underserved market and get creative with solving their unique situation. It will pay in the long run!

10Tips10Days day 3 - Attracting your ideal customers.


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Test – Refine – Scale
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