October 21

Create A Communication Guide


Communication Guide

Say The Right Words Every Time

Spend time simplifying the way you communicate about your business. Condense the description of your offerings down to a few sentences. Create a communication guide that helps your language stay consistent. Make sure that what you are conveying through sales and marketing lines up with what your product will deliver. 

Having consistent language will help you to measure and test outcomes and bring on new employees while maintaining excellence. When you communicate clearly it makes it much easier for your customer to purchase. You want there to be as little friction as possible in the buying process. Clear communication helps to keep things simple and moving forward. 

Keep It Simple

Don't feel like you have to fill up a whole page. The simpler, the better. If nobody is going to read the one page, it doesn't do any good.

What are the key elements you need to communicate your message to your customers? Boil those elements down to a few sentences.

Why A Communication Guide?

Your communication guide is what every person in your company will use to stay on the same page. Keeping consistency is vital to increase sales and reduce customer turnover. 

It will also help you explain your business to shareholders, potential employees, and vendors. 

It isn't over until...

Well, actually the process never ends. Now comes the fun part, testing!

In tomorrow's post, we will cover testing in more detail.

This topic and the rest of the steps in the Business Growth Guide are covered in much greater detail in the Brand Compass Course. You can access the first section of the course, which covers the customer profile, here.


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