October 20

Define Your Purpose


Be Part Of Something Bigger Than Yourself

As humans, we have a deep longing to be part of something larger than life. We want to feel like the pain and suffering we experience in the world is part of a bigger story. When you tap into your purpose as a business that is bigger than yourself or your company, it rallies people behind your cause. Even something as simple as making your customer's life a little easier is a noble thing.

Our lives are so busy. The society we live in is stressed out to the max. Extended stress is detrimental to our bodies. It is virtuous to Help your customer eliminate stress so they can live a longer more healthy life.

Serve other people to find your purpose and live out that purpose through your work. Not only does it bring meaning to your life but it will also pay a lot better in the long run as well.

Here is how to start defining your purpose:


What are your personal goals for your business?

Do you want to have more freedom?

Do you want to have less stress?

Do you want to make more money?

What do you want to get out of your business? 

Write your goals down.

What are your values?

What values shape your worldview?

What drives you?

What gets you out of bed on Monday morning?

What gives you purpose or meaning in your life?


Where do your goals and values overlap with your ideal customers? 

What do your customers share in common with you?

Do you share common goals, interests, or motivations with your ideal customer?

Pursue Purpose

Money is great for a while, but it won't keep you motivated forever. Pursuing purpose and meaning as a core part of your business will help you stay in it for the long haul. When you seek purposeful work, you can inspire employees who share a common goal and rally customers behind your vision.

No amount of money can motivate employees like a shared goal or values. Nothing will motivate a customer to rave about you and keep coming back as a shared purpose will.

Pursuing meaning and purpose in your work will pay dividends in the long-game.

Pull It All Together

Now that we have the core five elements for growing your business, it's time to pull it all together into a cohesive one-pager.

In tomorrow's post, we will talk about the importance of a clear communication guide.

This topic and the rest of the steps in the Business Growth Guide are covered in much greater detail in the Brand Compass Course. You can access the first section of the course, which covers the customer profile, here.


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