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Find an underserved market.

Now that you know what makes a customer ideal for you look for an area where that group of people is being forgotten about. Is there a different industry with similar people that none of your competition is focusing on? A certain size company? A particular location?

If you go after the same people your competition is and you offer a similar service, the fight for each customer is brutal. On the other hand, if you go after an underserved market and solve their problem then winning customers is a lot easier.

You can change your offering to solve the unique needs of the market you are going after. They will love you for it. When your offering signals to that group that you took the time to think about them when everyone else passed them by, they will keep coming back to you.

Take the time to find an underserved market and get creative with solving their unique situation. It will pay in the long run!

10Tips10Days day 3 - Attracting your ideal customers.

What makes a customer ideal?

Get out a piece of paper and make a list of your best customers. Not necessarily the ones who bring in the most revenue right now but the ones that love what you do. Your brand champions.

These are the customers that LOVE what you do. They hardly ever complain or ask you to redo work. They pay you for the work you do, and they SHARE with their friends about how your company makes their life better.

These need to be customers you actually like as well. Otherwise, you will end up with a client just like the one you wanted to fire in the previous post. Having rotten clients that drain all your energy is emotionally taxing and costly to keep them happy as well.

If your customers love you, there is usually a way to make them profitable by restructuring or repositioning your core offering. If they love you and share about you, it is easier to make a remarkable experience and less expensive to reach them.

When they share about their experience with other people your cost per acquisition goes way down.Write down what makes your best customers awesome.

What do they share in common? Why do they love you and what do you like about them?

10Tips10Days day 2 - Attracting your ideal customers.

🔥 Fire Your Customers! 🔥

You know that customer that drives you mad? The one that is never happy with the work you do and steals all of your time?

I want you to FIRE THEM! 🔥

Now, now, don't do anything rash. I don't mean right this second. I want you to fire them, but I also want you to have the freedom financially to fire them and never look back! It feels good just thinking about.

First, you have to attract new customers that are not like that customer. In fact, you need to attract ideal customers that you actually like working with. Customers that love what you do, they energize you, and they share about you with other people.

Imagine waking up Monday morning EXCITED to serve all your customers. I promise, your ideal customer does exist. You just have to know who you are looking for and how to speak to them.

That is the topic of the next 10 days.

Have you ever wanted to fire a customer? How did it go? Let me know in the comments!

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