7 Proven Steps To Grow Your Business

If you don't have customers, you don't have a company. You may be amazing at what you do, but if you can't find the right people, you're never going to stay in business. It all starts by solving a problem for the right person.

The truth of the matter is this: you shouldn't run after just any customer. What you need to focus on is attracting the right kind of customer. The type of customer that pays you and that you actually like!

If you don't like your customers and you don't genuinely want to serve them, they will sniff you out. You have to care enough to solve a problem your customers want solved...

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What if you could get your customers to pay you more while making your competition irrelevant? You can! All it takes is narrowing down a group of people that nobody else is paying attention to. 

Find the smallest group you can with a specific problem and solve that problem better than anyone else. If you serve them better than anyone else, you will become their only option. 

Niche, Niche, Niche. 

Productize Your Service

Once you narrow down the underserved market you want to reach and a specific problem you can solve, it is time to productize your service.

Instead of customizing what you offer for each customer, create simple, straightforward packages and pricing anyone can understand. While your competition is busy writing up long custom proposals, your customer will be signing up for your packages because they understand how it solves their problem.

Customers often want a custom package. The thing is, they hired your for a reason; you know what you are doing. Why let them waste both of your time creating a cumbersome custom proposals when you already know what they need. A little education and a clear packaged deal make asking for the sale as easy as 1-2-3!

Now that you productized your service, you can create processes to get a repeatable outcome every single time. The more times you sell your offering, the better and more efficient your processes becomes. You can quickly teach other people how to reproduce exactly what you do so you can focus on more important parts of your business or spend a little more time off work. 

Most of the time you, as the business owner, are the bottleneck keeping growth from happening in your company. Processes get you out of the way so your business will have the room it needs to grow. You will be able to use software to automate parts of your business that would not have been possible otherwise.

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As humans we have a deep longing to be part of something larger than life. We want to feel like the pain and suffering we experience in the world is part of a bigger story. When you tap into your purpose as a business that is bigger than yourself or your company, it rallies people behind your cause. Even something as simple as making your customer's life a little easier is a noble thing. 

Our lives are so busy. The society we live in is stressed out to the max. Extended stress is detrimental to our bodies. Helping your customer eliminate stress so they can live a longer more healthy life is a noble cause. 

Serve other people to find your purpose and live out that purpose through your work. Not only does it bring meaning to your life but it will also pays a lot better in the long run as well. 

Communication Guide

Spend time simplifying the way you communicate about your business. Condense the description of your offerings down to a few sentences. Create a communication guide that helps your language stay consistent. Make sure that what you are conveying through sales and marketing lines up with what your product will deliver. 

Having consistent language will help you to measure and test outcomes and bring on new employees while maintaining excellence. When you communicate clearly it makes it much easier for your customer to purchase. You want there to be as little friction as possible in the buying process. Clear communication helps to keep things simple and moving forward. 

Test - Refine - Scale

Steps 1-6 lay a foundation that needs to be tested. Write down as much as you can. Test each part in the real world. Your customers, position, products, processes, why statement, and communication guide all need to be validated. The areas they are lacking need to be refined. 

The process of testing and refining is never over. However, once you have everything running smoothly you can begin to scale. If everything is in place you will be able to scale your business much faster. 

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This topic and the rest of the steps in the Business Growth Guide are covered in much greater detail in the Brand Compass Course. You can access the first section of the course, which covers the customer profile, here

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